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College Rules

Rules & Regulation

General rules for maintenance of discipline

Utmost importance is give non maintenance of discipline.Students violating the rules and regulations of the college and indulging in indiscipline will be severely dealt with and may even confiscate their admission.
* Strict adherence to discipline is must inthecollegecampus.
* Students must come to college in college uniform.
* Students must bring identity cards regularly to college.
* Smoking or taking drugs,tobacco,gutka etc.isstrictly prohibited.
* Students must notleave the college campus during college hours with out due permission from the Principal/course co-ordinator.
* Use of mobile phones are strictly restricted in the college campus.
* Student should compensate for any damage of the college property caused by him/her.
*Each student must pay his/her tuition fee Rs.1300/-P.M.on or before 10th of every month for H.S.classes,Rs.1500/-=P.M.for B.Com.Classes.
* Students found guilty of violation of discipline or college rules are liable to face disciplinary actionslike imposition offines ranging from Rs.1000/-toRs.5000/­
*All notices,hand bills etc.of the students regarding academic,culturaland literary matter can be circulated or displayed in the students notice Board with prior approvalof the Principal.
* The rules and regulations of the Academy are subject to change from time to time as per necessity.

College Uniform:

Wearing of uniforms COMPULSORY during college hours on all working days,on the days of meeting,college festivals and on any other occasion.
A. For Boys :
Shirt:Pink with white cross checks.
Shoes/Sandal :Black.
Sweater/ Blazer: Maroon.
B.ForGirls (Suridar)
Upper :Pink with white cross checks
Sweater/Blazer: Maroon.
Students Identity Card :
Identity cards will be issued to bonafide students from the college office .Possession ofidentity cardis COMPULSORY during college hours on all working days and on the days of meeting, college festivals and on any other occasion also.In the event of loss of identity card a duplicate of the same will be issued on payment of Rs.100/-{One hundred)only.
Hostel Facilities:
Separate hostel facilities are available for boys and girls near the Academy, with hygienic food and comfortable lodging. Desiring candidates may collect the hostel forms from the college office. Selection of candidate will be made by the hostel authority strictly on merit basis.
Hostel Fee
Hostel Admission Fee: Rs.17,000/- (Annualy)
Both Boys & Girls
Hostel Caution Fee Rs.l,000/.. (Refundable)
Hostel Contingencies Rs.700/.. (Per month)
N.B .Monthly mess dues will be fixed by the mass committee concerned.
1. Admission of candidate in Hostel will be made by the BACA Authority strictly on merit Basis
2.Hostel admission will be completed at the beginning of a session.
3.If any borders like to go home or anywhere on genuine ground, they must inform respective authorit.
4.Boarders will not be allowed to come out of the campus before 8A.M.and after 6pm.
5.Smoking or taking drugs,tobacco,gutka etc inside the hostel campusis strictly prohibited.
6.Boarders will be provided with abedandata bleeach.other items including,bedsheets,pillows etc will have to be procured by the boarders them selvesThey will be provided with a bulbeach.
7.Boarders are all owed to use light and fans.They can not use electric heater,iron,mobile phone, radio,tape recorder etc.
8. Boarders can receive phone calls through the mobile phone of the Hostel incharge.
9. Entrance of females to the boys hostel and males to the Girls hostel is strictly prohibited.
10.There will be no concession of hostel and messdues for absence of Boarders at the hostel fees will have to be paid in full for alldays.
11. No petition for refund of money will been tertained in case of a Boarder leaving or being ordered to leave the hostel before the end of an academic session.
12. The Bajali Arts & Commerce Academy authority will issue such additional orders or notifications as may be deemed necessary from time to time.
13.Decision of the BajaIi Arts & Commerce Academy Authority will be final and binding in all matters.
Facilities of a well equipped library with variety of books are available in the college.Students can borrow2(two)books for ten days.Penalty @Rs.1/(one)per day will becharged for every book beyond the stipulated date of return.
Student must return the Library books before collection of Admit cards for the examinations conducted by the A.H.S.E.C./G.U.
There is a Career counselling and Guidance cell in thec ollege,which provides informations about various career options available after 10+2 and B.Com.Course under the Supervision of lndrajitDas.(Course-Co-ordinator).This cell provides various special career counselling and competitive examina­tions coaching Bank P.O./Cleark,SSC,Railway,C.S(Foundation).CAT,MAT,etc.
Development of personality is apre-condition for a successful candidate to enter the world of competition.Inthisview,Bajali Arts & Commerce Academy has made it mandatory for every student of the college to participate in the personality